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Thanks to its unique texture, Phyto Lift Cream is an ideal 24 hours daily and night skin and eye contour care. Used as treatment or daily day and night care – Phyto Lift Cream is well-being for your skin on highest level.


This valuable cocktail of Light Oils, Plant Cell Complexes and Calcium, promises an immediate calming and balancing effect on the skin. Phyto Lift Cream Sensitive is an excellent day care for sensitive, demanding skin.



The synergy of a double combination of plant stem cells and highly valuable gold extracts has culminated in Phyto Gold Essence becoming an active Anti-Aging-Expert. Phyto Gold Essence represents the peak performance of 70 years of experience in the field of Anti Aging Technology. The result is a maximum degree of radiant smoothness, firmness and anti wrinkle effect. This highly effective 1 month treatment penetrates quickly and improves all repair functions of the skin. The effect of Phyto Gold Essence can be increased many times over if combined with Phyto Lift Cream or Phyto Lift Cream Sensitive.


This light serum contains a perfect combination of Sodium hyaluronate and Vitamin ensuring the capture of free radicals, an improvement of the water retention capacity of the horny layer; it is also proven to smoothen out wrinkles.

PHYTO DE LUXE with 2 Plant Stem Cells & its unique Phyto Complex


For the first time in cosmetic history bio technologists have succeeded in producing plant cell cultures. The plant stem cells of “Uttwiler Spätlauber” protect and stimulate the skin's stem cells and delay chronological skin-aging.

The special complex Phyto 4.7 is composed by a well balanced combination of unadulterated phytosterole, such as soy beans, wild yams, cohosh, kudzu vine, pomegranate, angelica sinensis extract and Japanese knotweed. The essential combination offers more than anti-oxidant properties, it is an important component to correct early signs of premature skin-aging.

PHYTO DE LUXE with 2 Plant Stem Cells & its unique Phyto Complex