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About us

The Swiss family business Mila d'Opiz ranks among the most innovative cosmetics manufacturers in the world. In St. Gallen the long-standing company develops and produces cosmetics and care products for the whole world. The range already includes more than 150 products, and new ones are added regularly. Mila d'Opiz focuses entirely on the cornerstones of quality, innovation, responsibility and partnership.


Mila d’Opiz

Our company founder Mila Opitz would probably never have dreamed that Mila d'Opiz would become one of the largest cosmetics manufacturers in Switzerland, offering products on every continent, in over 40 countries. Today it is a reality. It all began somewhat by chance: in 1938 Mila Opitz made organic face creams for herself. The company has evolved rapidly since then. But some things have stayed the same: the focus on quality, innovation, responsibility and partnership. Mila d'Opiz is committed to this.



80 years of experience: there are so many exciting things to talk about. We do so here.


Quality, innovation, responsibility and partnership: what is important to us.


Needs and trends change: how Mila d'Opiz manages to stay in the lead.



Even the first cream was organic: what we're doing for sustainability today – and why.


It's beautiful to be committed to beauty: meet our team.


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