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Research & Development

Since its founding, Mila d'Opiz has aimed to create high-quality cosmetics for different customer needs. We achieve this thanks to a Research department that forges new paths over and over and has the courage to use hitherto unknown ingredients for new compositions.


We have cutting-edge laboratories for our research, but: no experiments on animals! We consistently reject these. Our Research team has already succeeded in many breakthroughs in the cosmetics industry. The fact that we regularly present innovative products and are able to win renowned awards for this makes us very happy. But what we want first and foremost is to offer our customers the best products.


Nothing is as close to us as our own skin. And yet it is full of secrets. Mila d'Opiz has been concerned with precisely this since it was founded We want to know all about skin and its characteristics. And about the effect that different substances have – even those that have not been linked to cosmetics yet. It is this that makes us one of the most innovative companies in the industry.