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    The dream of eternal youth is now a reality
    CHF 504.23
    For firmer skin and a sense of well-being.
    CHF 207.26
    Significantly reduce wrinkles and increase skin firmness
    CHF 200.57
    Based on award-winning active ingredients, The Skin Whisperer Eye Cream significantly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eye. Dark circles are reduced, complexion improved and the sensitive skin around the eyes smoothed, giving you an instant result. A moisturising, protective and energising eye cream that gives you the rejuvenating effect you’re looking for.
    CHF 166.88
    This cream smoothes mimic lines and wrinkles and improves skin firmness. An excellent nourishing care for very dry skin. It activates the regeneration processes, remineralises, soothes and moisturises the skin optimally. The active ingredient complex used here strengthens the skin, improves elasticity, and thus counteracts hormone-induced skin ageing.
    CHF 140.48
    Cellular activity is activated and stimulated, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Well-being and firming at the highest level.
    CHF 139.97
    Collagen Rich Cream counteracts dry, rough and stressed skin, making it soft and supple. It smoothes and evens out skin imperfections, regenerates and rebuilds your skin.
    CHF 69.18
    Moisturizing CoQ10+ cream protects the skin and prolongs the life of cells by strengthening their defense mechanisms and regeneration.
    CHF 56.49
    Ideal soluton for dry, brittle and tired skin
    CHF 46.84
    Soothes overstrained, stressed and hypersensible skin
    CHF 39.00
    Premium Line
    The Skin Whisperer is your beauty-guard
    Using advanced biochemistry, The Skin Whisperer provides total rejuvenation for your skin by stimulating skin to cell communication.
    Increase of collagen + elastin
    Promotes skin firmness
    Stimulates natural growth factors
    Intense skin matrix repair formula