Best Selling
The Skin Whisperer Cream
The dream of eternal youth is now a reality
$ 660.00
Classics Collagen Rich Cream
Collagen Rich Cream counteracts dry, rough and stressed skin, making it soft and supple. It smoothes and evens out skin imperfections, regenerates and rebuilds your skin.
$ 104.00
Phyto de Luxe Phyto Ultra Light Cream
For firmer skin and a sense of well-being.
$ 332.00
Hyaluronic⁴ Day Cream
Skin is left lastingly hydrated, and wrinkles are softened
$ 74.00
The Skin Whisperer Eye Cream
Based on award-winning active ingredients, The Skin Whisperer Eye Cream significantly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eye. Dark circles are reduced, complexion improved and the sensitive skin around the eyes smoothed, giving you an instant result. A moisturising, protective and energising eye cream that gives you the rejuvenating effect you’re looking for.
$ 364.00
Why Mila
Brand values
Escape to Freedom
Escape to Freedom

We want our customers to experience freedom in the absence of limits and the opportunity to be oneself. 

Imbue a Sense of Serenity
Imbue a Sense of Serenity

We want to imbue our customers with a sense of serenity, through the feeling of absolute calm, being whole, and being invincible. 

Obsession to Outperform
Obsession to Outperform

We want our customers to witness our obsession to outperform through the quality of our products, which provides freedom from aging, and freedom from body and mind-related stress.  

What Makes Us Special

We are proud to have a long history of innovation in the cosmetics industry, with an unwavering commitment to sustainability and a promise of uncompromising quality. Find everlasting youth with Mila d'Opiz. Feel Swiss serenity.

Our Products
New Products
The Skin Whisperer Serum
Out of stock
The Skin Whisperer Serum
Award-winning high-tech luxury anti-ageing cream
$ 484.00
Phyto de Luxe Phyto Ultra Light Cream
For firmer skin and a sense of well-being.
$ 332.00
The Vegan Green Caviar Ageless Eye Cream
Provides the skin with intensive moisture
$ 136.00
The Vegan Green Caviar Night Cream
Provides visibly nourished, toned skin
$ 202.00
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Why Choose Mila?

"Because the products give me exactly what I need and I fell in love with the Mila d'Opiz brand."

With her calm and collected personality, Boser is an excellent match for Mila d’Opiz and its mission to imbue serenity. With her flair for Swiss quality and luxury, Boser is committed to Mila d’Opiz on a partnership basis far beyond this function.

Patricia Boser
Brand Ambassador
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