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Investment in St. Gallen

The St. Galler traditional familycompany Mila d'Opiz is gearing up for the future: with investments in the seven-digit range, production has been modernized over the past two years. This moving phase has been completed at the beginning of March - with a highly modern cartoner.

70 boxes per minute and a weight of 2.1 tonnes: these are only two figures behind the modern machine, which has recently been installed in the assembly department of Mila d'Opiz AG. And what shines nobly and eagerly sends packing and packaging has a long journey behind. The cartoner comes from a suburb of Bologna. It was specially designed and produced for the St. Gallen traditional company. The whole development took about two years. "An exciting time," emphasizes Mirko Kossack, Head of Production & Technology at Mila d'Opiz. The new machine works semi-automatically and can work with the most diverse packaging sizes. In addition, she was significantly faster than her predecessor. "We were able to increase the volume by 20 percent," Kossack continued.

Focusing on new markets
Mila d'Opiz has evolved constantly since its foundation in 1938 and is now producing not only its own care products, but also for well-known brands from Germany and abroad. In 2018, the company celebrates its 80th anniversary. An anniversary, which is not only a milestone in the company's history, but also beyond. "We want to further expand the existing 40 markets. China, Saudi Arabia and Japan offer tremendous potential for our products. "The quality of Mila d'Opiz and the fact that each can and flacon is 100% swiss-made.