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Body care

Derma Science features carefully selected high-end anti-aging products for the body, which are designed to make you look more youthful, flawless and your skin more supple. Finest ingredients use the power of nature and unfold regenerating, firming and deeply moisturizing properties.

Soft Body Lotion | 200ml

Soft Body Lotion | 200ml

Anti-Aging Body Lotion with exquisite alpine herbal extracts such as edelweiss, which vitalize, firm and fade unwanted pigmentation spots. Your skin is optimally nourished and moisturized thanks to finest active ingredients. It feels smoother and firmer, resulting in radiant skin.

✓ Absorbs immediately

✓ Shape effect thanks to highly effective Alpine herb complex

✓ Pigment spots fade

✓ Also ideal during pregnancy

Nourishing Body Oil | 150ml

Nourishing Body Oil | 150ml

Pampering anti-aging body oil made from the finest raw materials, which gives your skin new vitality, regenerates, nourishes and deeply moisturizes it. An innovative complex of active ingredients guarantees a shaping effect that defines and tightens your body contours. Since it is a drying oil, it is absorbed immediately and creates a velvety soft skin feeling, mantled by the pleasant smell of peonies. 

√ Shape effect thanks to vitalizing and firming active ingredients

√ Velvety soft skin feeling

√ Absorbs immediately