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Facial cleansing

Efficient, gentle facial cleansing is the basis of every skin care routine. Derma Science recommends a cleansing trio that not only frees your skin, deep down into the pores, from make-up residues, dead skin cells and environmentally caused skin pollution, prepares it optimally for the subsequent care, but also has anti-aging properties. Very simple, uncomplicated and effective with the mild Cleansing Foam, the gentle Enzyme Peeling and the alcohol-free Alpine Herbal Tonic, which are ideally suited for all skin types.

Soothing Cleansing Foam | 100ml

Soothing Cleansing Foam | 100ml

The gentle cleansing foam for daily use, removes dirt and make-up deep into the pores. Your skin is soothed and relaxed. Itching and irritations subside. The mild cleansing leaves a fresh complexion and a vital radiance.

✓ Removes dirt and make-up deep into the pores

✓ Calms, relaxes, relieves itching and irritation

✓ Does not dry out

Sensitive Enzyme Peeling | 25g

Sensitive Enzyme Peeling | 25g

Regenerating anti-aging enzyme peeling made of a new innovative complex of active immobilized enzymes. Slightly greasy, oily skin areas and dead cells are very gently but efficiently removed, and your skin is thoroughly cleansed. The water-activated enzymes also have a vitalizing and regenerating effect. Thus, lines and wrinkles are gently smoothed, and your skin's appearance is improved. Look forward to a relaxed and soft skin feeling.

✓ Without skin-irritating peeling grains

✓ 100% natural

✓ Also suitable for sensitive skin

✓ Can be used several times a week

Sensitive Flower Tonic | 200ml

Sensitive Flower Tonic | 200ml

The Sensitive Flower Tonic is a soothing, vitalizing and balancing facial tonic for fresh and toned skin. The pleasant scent of herbs prepares your skin for the subsequent care and leaves it feeling soft and smooth without drying out.

✓ Soothes and refreshes without drying out

✓ Without alcohol

✓ Antiseptic properties