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Restoring Retinol

In professional circles, retinol has long been known as the miracle ingredient in the anti-aging field. It promotes the development of the skin structure by stimulating collagen production and the metabolism of skin cells. Wrinkles are visibly reduced and the skin regains elasticity and flexibility. Retinol also acts as an antioxidant against environmental influences and free radicals. For example, it has the ability to repair damaged caused by the sun and counteract pigmentation spots.

Derma Science offers you a comprehensive retinol range with its day and night cream, serum and ampoules.

Restoring Retinol Serum | 30ml

Restoring Retinol Serum | 30ml

The highly effective intensive serum for the face, neck and décolleté. With its cell-activating effect, the regeneration process of your skin is stimulated and skin aging is prevented. Wrinkles and lines are visibly balanced. The Restoring Retinol Serum also increases the antioxidant status of the skin. Which means that it’s protected against water loss (caused by stress, UV rays and environmental influences). Your skin regains elasticity and resistance. Thanks to its silky soft texture, the serum is absorbed immediately and leaves a radiant and harmonious complexion.

✓ Reactivates the youthfulness of your skin

✓ Effectively reduces wrinkles and lines

✓ For more elasticity, strength and resistance

Restoring Retinol Cream | 50ml

Restoring Retinol Cream | 50ml

The highly effective Restoring Retinol Cream with restoring properties accelerates the cell renewal process and protects the sensitive hydrolipid filter of your skin. It nourishes intensively and has an extremely positive influence on the moisture balance, elasticity and deep moisturization of the skin. Wrinkles and lines are noticeably reduced and your skin texture is refined and even. Your complexion is therefore radiant and harmonious.

√ Activates cell renewal and prevents skin aging

√ Protects the skin from water loss thanks to antioxidants

√ Visibly reduces wrinkles and soothes lines

√ Is absorbed immediately

Retinol Night Cream | 50ml

Retinol Night Cream | 50ml

Highly effective night cream with retinol (vitamin A), which activates cell renewal and protects the sensitive hydrolipid filter overnight. Night after night, the restorative properties that make up this cream improve the firmness, elasticity and deep hydration of your skin, visibly reducing wrinkles and smoothing out lines. Look forward to the morning after. Your skin surface feels smooth and velvety soft and your complexion is radiant and harmonious.

✓ Is absorbed very quickly

✓ Restoring properties that give the skin back its youthfulness

✓ Visibly reduces wrinkles and lines