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Stem cell masks

The anti-aging power application with the most valuable apple stem cell concentrate effectively counteracts chronological skin aging. Your facial skin is hydrated and vitalized for a long time and experiences an immediate tightening effect that leaves you looking radiant.

Stem Cells Mask | 3x20ml

Stem Cells Mask | 3x20ml

Are you ready for a 20-minute wellness program with immediate effect? The Anti-Aging Power Face Mask intensively counteracts chronological and hormonal skin aging. The non-woven mask contains a highly dosed active ingredient complex of the most valuable apple and grape stem cells. These ensure an immediate and maximum lifting and anti-aging effect. In addition, they vitalize and hydrate your facial skin, ensuring a long-lasting increase in the moisture balance of your skin. Your complexion shines firmer, fresher, more even and smoother.

✓ Instant Lifting Effect

✓ Deep hydration for a fresh, radiant complexion

✓ Highly effective botanical active ingredients against chronological and hormonally induced skin aging