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Eye skin care gives your appearance a boost of vitality

There is no second chance for a first impression, they say. Looking into another person’s eyes for the first time indeed determines a lot. The eyes tell a lot. Unfortunately, they are also the part of the face that usually have the first tells of age. The skin around the eyes is rather thin and therefore sensitive to ageing and the formation of wrinkles. A specific eye skin care, regularly applied, can smoothen your skin around the eyes and remove wrinkles.

Soothing eye skin care with a rejuvenating effect

The area around the eyes is a particularly sensitive part of your facial skin. Regular face cream sometimes cannot quite address this area well, as it requires a more specific treatment. Mila d’Opiz, the Swiss beauty brand, offers a repair eye cream that specifically meets the needs of the skin there. It contains moisturizing ingredients that nourish the cells and also has a soothing effect on the skin. As a result of this eye skin care, your face will have a more youthful, fresh and vital expression that is certain to attract the attention of everyone around you.

Eye skin care using hyaluronic ingredients

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide that’s naturally produced in the human body. Apart from many other functions, it is a vital element of the epidermis, where it is responsible for storing moisture. Moisture in turn is essential for the skin to appear plump and smooth. For this reason, there are eye skin care products available that add a hyaluronic complex to the skin, providing it with the tools to store moisture and make your skin look brighter and younger. One such product is the hyaluronic eye cream made by the Mila d’Opiz brand.

Eye skin care, developed by professional research

Both hyaluronic acid and collagen are major ingredients in modern-day skincare products. Both are also natural ingredients that can be found within the human body. However, their use and their positive effect on the skin were not known for a long time. It took many years of work in the laboratory to find out about these functions. This is an indicator that shows that those companies that invest in research usually are the ones that offer the most advanced and most effective cosmetics, such as eye skin care creams or other products.

Eye skin care, cleverly complemented by other skincare products

As effective as your eye skin care may work, it works even better together with other cosmetics products. If you have effectively worked against the wrinkles around your eyes, you will want to do the same in other areas of the face as well. Mila d’Opiz complements its eye care products with a range of other cosmetics to complete your facial treatment. The Swiss company combines cleansing products, day and night creams, eye care products and other advanced cosmetics to create impressive looks and natural expressions.

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