Basic Lines
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    For fresh and radiant skin
    CHF 59.86
    Provides a fresh and youthful appearance.
    CHF 58.10
    Skin is left lastingly hydrated, and wrinkles are softened
    CHF 57.60
    Visibly replenishes moisture, while reducing wrinkles
    CHF 53.30
    Leaves skin supple and smooth.
    CHF 48.23
    Soothes the skin, leaving it feeling healthy and supple.
    CHF 47.17
    Supports the natural functions of the skin
    CHF 46.57
    Improves the skin's appearanceand supports cell stimulation.
    CHF 46.06
    For dry, sensitive skin with anti-ageing properties
    CHF 46.06
    Soothes redness and irritation and supports cell stimulation
    CHF 41.53
    Visibly replenishes moisture, while reducing wrinkles
    CHF 40.89
    Soothes overstrained, stressed and hypersensible skin
    CHF 39.00
    Rich in vitamins B, C and E
    CHF 37.84
    Skin gains a pure and fresh-looking complexion
    CHF 34.10
    For a fresher and clearer skin tone
    CHF 32.72
    Strengthens and protects from harmful environmental influences
    CHF 32.49
    Suitable for light skin color
    CHF 29.72
    Suitable for neutral skin color
    CHF 29.72
    Suitable for dark skin color
    CHF 29.72
    Massage the skin and removes dead skin cells.
    CHF 28.20
    Premium Line
    The Skin Whisperer is your beauty-guard
    Using advanced biochemistry, The Skin Whisperer provides total rejuvenation for your skin by stimulating skin to cell communication.
    Increase of collagen + elastin
    Promotes skin firmness
    Stimulates natural growth factors
    Intense skin matrix repair formula