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Swiss Wellness
Swiss Wellness Poly-Fructol Shower Gel is the everyday luxury your body yearns for! Combine it with the rest of the cutting-edge technology products of the series for an unforgettable experience!
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    Classic elegance and self-assured authenticity
    $ 82.30
    Discover this fresh and gentle Body Lotion, for maximum moisturisation and protective body care with no grease marks. Combines vitalising active ingredients and a relaxing fragrance to invigorate body and soul. Skin feels soft, firm and hydrated with a pleasant scent.
    $ 58.00
    Skin is left feeling soft, silky and well cared for.
    $ 42.00
    A balancing and moisturising effect on the skin
    $ 42.00
    Gives you a feeling of well-being and security
    $ 16.00
    Premium Line
    The Skin Whisperer is your beauty-guard
    Using advanced biochemistry, The Skin Whisperer provides total rejuvenation for your skin by stimulating skin to cell communication.
    Increase of collagen + elastin
    Promotes skin firmness
    Stimulates natural growth factors
    Intense skin matrix repair formula