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    A cream that regenerates and smooths out irregularities
    $ 100.00
    The highly concentrated, moisturizing and rejuvenating special formula provides lightening of pigmentation disorders and darker skin tones. The combination of active ingredients with flower extracts and shea butter in the 24-hour cream prevents the formation of new pigment spots and reduces melanin.
    $ 82.80
    Classic elegance and self-assured authenticity
    $ 82.30
    Collagen Rich Cream counteracts dry, rough and stressed skin, making it soft and supple. It smoothes and evens out skin imperfections, regenerates and rebuilds your skin.
    $ 104.00
    Vision Serum is a pure, effective and intensive essence for skin whitening and visible improvement of pigmentation disorders, age spots, freckles and other skin irregularities. The integrated UV system protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation.
    $ 79.30
    Moisturizing CoQ10+ cream protects the skin and prolongs the life of cells by strengthening their defense mechanisms and regeneration.
    $ 112.00
    Ideal soluton for dry, brittle and tired skin
    $ 80.00
    Collagen Light provides your skin with long-lasting and fast-acting moisturizing. The high vitamin B content forms a high skin protection, binds free radicals and promotes cell renewal. Due to the edelweiss, the cream has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect.
    $ 72.00
    Discover this fresh and gentle Body Lotion, for maximum moisturisation and protective body care with no grease marks. Combines vitalising active ingredients and a relaxing fragrance to invigorate body and soul. Skin feels soft, firm and hydrated with a pleasant scent.
    $ 58.00
    Classics Collagen Eye Cream promotes the rate of cell division, accelerates regeneration and has a soothing and moisturizing effect. It keeps the skin supple without being greasy, forms a protective film for the skin and reduces irritation and redness.
    $ 72.00
    Oil-free, slightly cooling eye gel reduces puffiness, bags under the eyes and dark circles. It prevents lines and wrinkles and improves the smoothness of the skin.
    $ 50.00
    Skin is left feeling soft, silky and well cared for.
    $ 42.00
    A balancing and moisturising effect on the skin
    $ 42.00
    Gives you a feeling of well-being and security
    $ 16.00
    A hair and body gel with a delightfully masculine scent
    $ 32.00
    Smooths lines and wrinkles.
    $ 34.00
    Firms the skin and promotes collagen stimulation
    $ 32.00
    For a long-lasting and secure effect.
    $ 7.10
    Premium Line
    The Skin Whisperer is your beauty-guard
    Using advanced biochemistry, The Skin Whisperer provides total rejuvenation for your skin by stimulating skin to cell communication.
    Increase of collagen + elastin
    Promotes skin firmness
    Stimulates natural growth factors
    Intense skin matrix repair formula