Swiss Serenity

Mila d’Opiz was created to make you feel Swiss serenity, enabling you to escape to freedom. Feel the absence of limits, the opportunity to be who you want to be. A profound beauty transformation like a day in the Swiss mountains. We are incredibly proud of our Swiss heritage, providing you with award-winning, science-based, clean, and cruelty-free luxury beauty solutions. 

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Our Obsession

Mila d’Opiz is your escape to freedom

Letting you feel Swiss serenity through age-defying, high-precision skincare. Every product is created with a relentless obsession to perform, to take control over time and reverse its effects on beauty and aging.

Feel Swiss Serenity

We believe that people should feel absolute calm, discover bliss, and live life unapologetically in tune with nature.

Escape to Freedom

We want our customers to experience freedom in the absence of limits and the opportunity to be oneself. 

World-first Innovations

The same way stem cells harvested from Swiss plants adapt to most extreme conditions, we constantly redefine the endless possibilities quality skincare has to offer.