Emanating elegance, authenticity, and an infectious zest for life, our brand ambassador, Tanja La Croix, has been in partnership with Mila d'Opiz since the summer of 2023.

Tanja is a testament to the power of authenticity. With a background steeped in the art of bringing people together through music and storytelling, she reflects Mila d'Opiz's ethos of celebrating individuality and fostering connections.

Brand Ambassador

Renowned as an international model, DJ, and embodiment of renowned brands, she infuses her eclectic energy into our brand. Her charismatic persona and multifaceted career resonate with our commitment to preserving the authentic craftsmanship behind our skincare solutions.

With a shared belief in authenticity and luxury, together, we aim to inspire and empower our community to embrace the beauty of individuality, the calmness mirrored in our Swiss landscapes, and the art of quality skincare. This partnership underlines our shared dedication to promoting self-confidence, celebrating enduring Swiss quality, and championing the power of authentic craftsmanship.

Brand Ambassador
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