Patricia Boser has been our brand ambassador since summer 2021. The presenter and celebrity connoisseur has been described as "a breath of fresh air" when endorsing our products.

With her calm and collected personality, Boser is an excellent match for Mila d’Opiz and its mission to imbue serenity. With her flair for Swiss quality and luxury, Boser is committed to Mila d’Opiz on a partnership basis far beyond this function.

Brand Ambassador
Patricia Boser

Boser is particularly enthusiastic about our innovative strength. Patricia Boser founded our "Sun Drops” line, which provide effective UV and blue light protection that can be mixed into any other cream, and “The Skin Whisperer”, which contains the latest findings from apple stem cell research. The development of the practical “Sun Drops” is an example a Mila d'Opiz product that not only meets the needs of modern skin protection, but strives to achieve above and beyond.

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